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Chuck's bike shop is Dog Friendly.  We miss Pauli our shop dog, she had to be put down in 2017 for her health and age.  

She's now Pauli in the Sky With Diamonds.  


Chuck now has two dogs, one friendly and the other is like a security system for the shop property. 


Manchita our white sheep dog mix puppy is nice and frienldy. 

Puma our belgian malinouis is a guard dog and no one should attempt to pet her, because she bites.  


Dogs are kept away during regular business hours.  You might here them barking, but there's no risk during hours of operation.  


BEWARE OF DOG.... But we love our dogs!


We have a new employee at the bicycle shop. Check him out!


Scientists are yet to capture the miniature bicycle riding Dinosaur. Recently seen in El Paso, Texas, we are yet to find this unique and rare creature.
Born in a laboratory in Finchawa, Ethiopia under the "Green Leaf" name that started in the Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary under the guidance of Dr. Richard Moonglow. Dr. Moonglow has studied the species and has named it " SHIMANOSAURUS" This name came about because he observed how the small reptile had an enormous appetite for bicycle derailleurs. A small bicycle was fabricated in the nearby town ... See More
Dinosaur just won't stop riding his bicycle and yelling out "Ride Your Bicycle El Paso!" He enjoys riding in the dark chasing alley cats. He pops wheelies to lessen the sound of rolling tire and increase his stealthiness when he sees a lizard he wants to eat.

We had a great turn out for our free bicycle repair class. We decided not to charge for this and love answering questions. Next free class in May, to be announced.


New Ride Location

Mar 30, 2014

We are changing the location of our Sunday ride from the Northeast to the arroyo monks area. We will meet at the shop @ 8:30 for a fast technical ride. There will be a long ascent followed by a long descent back to Chuck's.


We now have a used bike listing. We don't always have enough room on the floor to take in consignment bikes but we still want to help our customers sell their used equipment. Craigslist is good but requires effort and communication. Bring your bike by our location and we will take some pictures, jot down some details and post it to our used bicycle section. If there is a customer, you can bring your bike in and we will make the transaction for you. Listing your bicycle is free and there is no payment until your bicycle sells. We typically take about 15% of the sale or a designated flat fee that we agree on in the beginning. Keep an eye for more features to come.