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“Ride Your Bicycle El Paso!” Chuck’s Bicycle Repair


Located at 2625 E. Missouri Avenue (915) 791-2006 Text/Call


Why pick Chuck for your bicycle service? Here are 8 reasons.

-Chuck has 21 Years or Professional Bike Shop Experience

-Authorized Dealer for KHS Bicycles

-Exceptional Customer Service: Se Habla Espanol

-Local Business owned by a native El Paso Bicyclist

-Chuck works solo.  You get the bike shop owner to greet you, service your bicycle(s), and finalize the process every time.  One man job is lower overhead, lower service prices compared to any El Paso bike shop.

-Easy to get to in Central 5 Points El Paso.

-Can’t make it during hours of operation?  You can text (preferred) or call 915-791-2006 to set up a RSVP Appt. to drop off or pick up bicycle(s).  6am -10pm Any day

-Chuck hosts weekly bicycle rides at no charge, join us!



HOURS OF OPERATION: Winter Hours 2018

Tuesday- Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturdays 10am-3pm

Closed Sundays and Mondays



Chuck’s two front rooms in his house are the reception, sales floor, and has a workstation for assisting customers.  The front shop is the nice, air conditioned, clean shop.


The “Grunt Shop” is located behind Chuck’s house down the driveway.  This building houses up to 40 bicycles and contains the degreasing equipment, washing bay, and the heavy duty work stand for the daily grind.  Chuck usually works in the Grunt Shop very early or late to get the bikes cleaned to work on inside the house.  When the days are pretty, you’ll likely bypass the front shop and talk to Chuck in the Grunt Shop.  


Chuck is the only person who works at his shop.  He usually has cyclists and friends hit him up to hang out a little while.  A bike shop is a nice place to hang out and talk bikes.  Come on the weekly bicycle rides.  You can check out the Rides Section on this website, facebook for Chuck’s Bicycle Repair, or just call/text Chuck!


You should know that there are two dogs onsite, kept away from customers. Although, if you see one near the fence please do not pet them. Manchita is the nice white dog, Puma is the mean Belgian-Malinouis who thinks people's hands are chew toys. She's like a real Puma, she'll sneak up on ya! Although Puma is awesome! She is an excellent dog as security complimenting my alarm and camera system. Beware of the Dog, and you'll keep your fingers.


Who is this guy Chuck?


Charles Richard Lauser was born on April 26, 1983 at Providence Hospital in El Paso Texas.  His father is German/Irish named Charles F. Lauser an accountant from Delphos, Ohio. His mother is Maria de Lourdes Lauser (Mendoza de Medrano) from General Trias in Chihuahua Mexico who operated her own daycare business for over 30 years in West El Paso. Chuck’s big brother Ray Lauser is from Juarez, Chihuahua (graduated Top Ten at UTEP) and a prominent attorney with his own law firm right here in El Paso, Lauser Law Firm.  Chuck attended Coronado, EPCC, and UTEP and his focus is in business. Chuck loves mountainbiking and working on bikes! He's easy going and will be happy to assist you in either English or Spanish.



At age 15 Chuck began working in a prominent Texas bicycle shop that is a dealer of Specialized, Giant, and Cannondale.



Chuck raced Pro/Expert and had already placed 4th and 13th in the Chupacabras 100km mountainbike race, New Mexico Champion for his category, and has been a mentor for other mountainbikers since.



Chuck set up for the first time, Chuck’s Bicycle Repair.  He was doing his repair on the side and was actually paid by Mexico cycling officials to provide neutral mechanical assistance to the racers in the multi-day stage road bike race, Vuelta Chihuahua.  After this, Chuck stopped his bike repair and did something that surprised everyone.



Chuck became an over the road truck driver for 8 months.  He took his Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert with him to explore the country, 35 states in all, between his driving times.  He couldn’t get away from bicycles and came back to El Paso after his health was a concern from smoking 1-2 packs of cigarettes a day weighing 230lbs.  



This was a sad year for Chuck, his father Charles Sr. passed away.  To overcome grief, Chuck started riding his 1997 Scott Bicycle Hardtail everyday, took zumba, trained driving a pedicab, in which resulted in a loss of about 60 pounds.  



Green Leaf Pedicab was formed by Chuck and operated in Downtown El Paso.  This was a great business while it lasted, the revitalization hurt the pedicabs and closed down. Chuck went back to work at the bike shop he was working for a decade already.



Chuck moved to Colorado and froze his ass off.  He was able to experience a true cycling infrastructure of Denver and just made him understand how important cycling as transportation is. He moved back to Texas because bike riding ain’t no fun in 5 degree weather.  


Chuck came back and worked temporary at the bike shop he was employed assist in the assembly of the 13,000 TREK Bicycles given away to the students of EPISD with a grant given by the state of Texas.  Chuck was also the mechanic for Crazy Cat Cyclery Team members from Mexico who raced in the Tour de Gila (2012 & 2013). Chuck was the race mechanic which helped the guys get top finishes in the cat 1 and 2 spots. Chuck understands bicycle mountain and road racing.



Started work as a manager of a storage facility.  Here, customers from the bikeshop recognized Chuck and asked him to work on their bikes.  Chuck worked on their bikes on the side and it grew with the referrals.  So he quit his day job because of the large amount of bicycles in for service in his mom’s garage in West El Paso. After business boomed, Chuck moved his tools and workbench to a brick-n-mortar business on Yandell and within Central El Paso.


Bryl Hunt Byrdick was Chuck’s opening partner for the bike shop.  His time, invested money, and support helped this bike shop fly high.  And for that, we love and thank you Hunt!


Fast forward to 2018 and two locations later.  Chuck is still rocking the bike service, helping cyclists out, hosting weekly rides, and offering exceptional services at the best price in Texas.






Chuck pops a wheelie on his KHS on top of the wall on El Paso's Scenic Drive. Click link below.



Chuck's commercial from 2013 on youtube he made. Click link below.












Chuck is the main proprietor and front man for Chuck's Bicycle Repair. He has been working in area shops for about 15 years and has the expierence to tackle most any repair job. Chuck is no stranger to startups; he has also started a local pedicab service called Green Leaf Pedicabs and the non-profit Ride Your Bicycle El Paso. Chuck is diligent, hard working and loves to see a happy customer.